I'm excited by problems that require creativity and innovative thinking -- especially those that involve science and engineering. On the other hand, I've come to value any opportunity to work with smart, passionate people on projects that generate meaningful value in the world. You can learn about some of these below.

National Youth Orchestra of China

NYO-China performs with Ludovic Morlot and Yuja Wang at Carnegie Hall

I've spent the past year and a half working with an incredible group of people to create the first National Youth Orchestra of China (NYO-China), an annual summer training residency and touring orchestra modeled off of Carnegie Hall's NYO-USA. In that time, I've been responsible for building program operations from the ground up and developing relationships with artists and institutions around the world. These days, I handle NYO-China's technical needs and manage the day-to-day operations of its core staff.

NYO-China's 2017 season brought together 105 exceptional young Chinese musicians for two weeks of training followed by a concert tour of the United States and China with Seattle Symphony Music Director Ludovic Morlot and world-renowned pianist Yuja Wang, which began with a sold-out performance at Carnegie Hall. You can learn more on our website or in any of our press outlets, including our feature article and review in the New York Times.

Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association

Final assembly of YUAA's Radio Telescope

I worked on several projects with YUAA, including an environmental control system for insulating an atomic clock aboard a rocket, a one-way laser communications system responsible for transmitting data from a CubeSat in Low Earth Orbit (2015 - 2016), and a fully-functional, 2.4-meter radio telescope.

We began work on the Radio Telescope project in the summer of 2014 with a goal of building a device capable of plotting the Galactic Rotation Curve. We prototyped throughout the fall of 2014 and completed the final product in the spring of 2015, with further work continuing through the fall. The telescope included a robotics system capable of swiveling to any unique point in polar coordinates and a signal processing system powered with gqrx. The mount and base of the telescope were designed in SolidWorks, cut with the assistance of Ryerson Tull, and assembled in Yale's Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design (CEID).

Physics Research
ROC plot demonstrating Top Tagging performance gains after re-architecting

After my sophomore year, I worked under Professor Tobias Golling within the Yale ATLAS High Energy Research Group at CERN. My project involved validating two top quark and bottom quark neural network classifiers and afterwards architecting and training a new top classifier to take advantage of the phenomenon of top -> bottom decay (and, thus, the relevance of bottom variables in top tagging). Our work successfully validated the performance of both classifiers, and our combined-input tagger produced significant performance gains over the state of the art at CERN!

Later, I worked under Professor George Fleming in the Yale Particle Theory Group during a summer at Fermilab and over the course of my senior year at Yale. My project involved implementing the Creutz and Hasenbusch Demon Algorithms in order to recover unknown coupling values in a given action. Our work successfully recovered couplings for actions with up to two terms (e.g. S = μ2/2 φ2 + λφ4).