A collection of some of the software I've made. Click on the titles for demos!

An informational site for the National Youth Orchestra of China, built with Gatsby and deployed on Netlify's CDN. Previously, I was responsible for overseeing the design and development of NYO-China's 2017 Informational Site, which was built in React and deployed with NGINX on the Alibaba Cloud.


Six classifiers and an API for predicting the sentiment of strings of English text in real time. Classifiers include Bernoulli and Multinomial Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, and feed forward and LSTM deep learning architectures implemented from scratch and again with PyTorch and Keras. Classifiers were trained and evaluated on the Amazon, Yelp, and Rotten Tomatoes datasets; their performance is detailed here. The API was built using the Falcon Framework and is currently deployed on a Digital Ocean Droplet.


A web application which implements much (though not all) of the functionality of Stack Overflow, written in Elixir and built on the Phoenix Framework. Some of the features it supports:
  • User and Admin accounts (including auth, OAuth, email verification, etc.)
  • CRUD operations for questions, responses, nested comments, categories
  • User reputation as determined by upvotes, downvotes, response "promotions"
  • View metrics for profiles, questions, categories
  • Live chatrooms associated with each question, built using Phoenix Channels


A WebSocket API for a multithreaded web crawler that identifies a URL's most similar neighbors. Scout performs a concurrent breadth first search, recording neighboring URLs whose on-page text is most similar to that of the base URL and pinging the client with each update to the record. The API is currently deployed with Glassfish on an AWS EC2 Instance.